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Beth Spicer
Research Triangle PublicationsFood, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food is a comprehensive guide to nutrient values for more than 12,000 natural, packaged, and restaurant foods, specially formatted for PCs, ebook readers, smartphones, and tablets. Each entry is presented in the familiar nutrition label format, with resizable font and reflowable text, and is easily searchable with active links and multi-layered indexes.
Michael Barbee
Research Triangle PublicationsThe Mobile Web Surfer Series

The Mobile Web Surfer Series takes mobile browsing to a new level with a comprehensive collection of links to mobile-optimized websites. The series consists of five books—four specialty and one complete collection that take frequent web surfers to all the sites they know and love, plus a bunch of new ones.
Madeline Plimpton
Research Triangle PublicationsThe Birds Christmas Carol Illustrated Centennial Edition

This illustrated edition of The Birds’ Christmas Carol is a remastering of the 1912 version of the timeless Christmas classic, originally written by Kate Douglas Wiggin in 1886. It tells the story of Carol Bird, a wealthy but sickly young girl, who decides to bring the joy of Christmas to a neighboring family with nine children who have little else but each other.
Maria Elizabeth Romana
Research Triangle PublicationsLittle Miss Straight Lace

*** 2010 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner ***
When a dedicated researcher learns a bit too much about her client's new drug, the horrors from her past seem destined to return. Just as her life begins to spin out of control, a dashing computer security expert arrives from South America and seems the perfect antidote. But is his sudden arrival just the happy coincidence it seems? Find out in this three-book series of mystery, romance, and suspense that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of murder, mayhem, sex, and drugs—of the pharmaceutical variety, of course—until the very last page.
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