When All Natural is Anything But – the Kashi Controversy

Kashi CerealFor years, Kellogg’s Kashi brand has been associated with wholesome, all natural goodness. Folks who care about what they’re putting in their bodies and feeding to their children, chose Kashi cereals over Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms and even Cheerios, because they were looking for food they could trust to be free from chemical additives. Well, a little research from the Cornucopia Institute proved that while Kashi’s cereals may not have chemicals added after the fact, they are made with grains that have been genetically modified in order to withstand direct spraying with powerful, dangerous weedkillers like Monsanto’s Round-Up, which is taken up into the grain and later finds its way into your digestive tract. Learn more about the Kashi controversy from Lucine Biotechnology or from the original investigative report about Kashi’s ingredients, the Cornucopia Institute’s “Cereal Crimes”.